Wireless is available throughout the Lodge9 area free of charge.
There is a Lodge9 Spotify account to select some chill tunes and we also have a Lodge9 Netflix – so you can catch up on Suits or House of Cards….or you can jump into your own.
The digital alarm clocks in your room are unplugged – we have found that the time zone is different in our valley….should you wish to set an alarm please do so, and the groovy little thing is also able to charge with a USB port, as well as acting as a Bluetooth speaker for your portable devices. So you can chill quietly to your own tunes in your room.


Eggy muffins, keto and delicious.
Power house start to a relaxed day in Tūtūkākā.
This way……
Nothing like a Tutukaka sunrise.
Back for breakfast and your day starts in a whole new way. ☀️Another local beach to make your heart go mmmmmmmm
Overnight oats. Gluten free and dairy free energy goodness.
Chill tropical vibe.
It’s how we roll. 🧡 
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Happy Easter!! 🐇🐇
Tūtūkākā is the perfect base to explore the North. 
Start your day with healthy goodness and energy.
Fresh from the oven.